Monday, July 12, 2010

The Home Stretch

Funny that last time I wrote I said that it was getting easier and more fun to blog, but then I don't write again for over a week. Though in my defense, that week-and-then-some passed very quickly since I've been busy busy busy working to open a show in a time span of just over 2 weeks.

So, there's less than a week until Chess opens and I am SOOO excited! The breathing is going much better in case you were wondering. Actually, the first rehearsal we had as a full cast I think I pulled lung muscle. Is that possible? I'm guessing I was so focused on expanding and supporting that I didn't realize I probably pushed my body too hard too fast. Luckily the pain was gone by the next day and I've been more careful about the way I'm warming up and singing.

We started blocking a few days ago and it became apparent how very much music there is in this show by the amount of material we hadn't even had time to look at yet. In the time since I'm pretty sure we covered everything musically, though that doesn't necessarily mean all that's left is the blocking. Some of the most difficult numbers were saved for last, and they're going to take a lot of work to be ready to put in front of an audience. We were informed that we will in fact be able to use our music binders for the performances, but I think a good number of us want to have it all memorized. I'm among those that want to do it without the binder, and I think it's definitely possible with the rate I've been going. If I just focus on those tricky songs for a day or two I'm sure it'll work out.

I got really excited trying to put together my costume today. It's basically black and white stuff, but I have so much of that that I got to tear my closet apart and play dress up. Also, it gives me an excuse to go shopping. They said if anyone couldn't put together their outfit from their own wardrobe not to worry, but... well I am a girl after all. If I still can't find something after shopping, then I'll let them care of it :)

I had a dream last night I found a gray hair on my head, and when I got to work my co-worker pointed one out in the exact same spot as in the dream. Creepy. I'm really not surprised though. Even aside from the whirlwind show, I've got a lot on my plate right now. Luckily the stress isn't overwhelming, I feel like I'm holding things together nicely. I'm actually very glad I've got the show to keep me busy and my brain occupied.

I've got another audition coming up this Monday, for General Hospital. I'll be auditioning to be an Irish girl. Yes, me an Irish girl. Which I recently found out, I am not. Not that I look like it, but when asked what my ethnicity is, I always threw that in the mix. It's an eclectic enough mix anyway, I'm actually surprised that Irish is not in it. Even so, there's still enough left to leave people perplexed.

Oh, I nearly forgot!! I went to see Inn The Heights again last night and it was just as amazing as before. I was in the 4th row this time, which I initially thought would be too close when I first sat down, but it was perfect. I could understand everything that was being said and sung and it was more engaging from that close.


If you're interested in seeing my show (Chess), tickets can be purchased through or at 323.960.7735

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