Monday, October 26, 2009

Things I've had On My Mind Today

+how is it possible to have no calories, at all, in diet soda? there's so much flavor and color, and virtually nil on the nutrition facts, save for 1% sodium.

+the junkie woman outside the audition last night. as she was hugging her junkie boyfriend she looked at me and shouted "HEY! you're pretty!" haha, thanks "if i didn't like men i'd be all over that hahaha pretty girl, i like it!!!" etc... good thing i was parked close by.

+i'm pretty darn sure i saw Dave Coulier at the gym yesterday.

+speaking of the gym... the woman who got on the elliptical next to me this morning. i was listening to my ipod and watching the history channel when i see her swat towards me with her hand. then she whacked me on my arm to say "you're skinny!!" oh, thanks "how much do you weigh?" uhm, you're making me uncomfortable "well at least you're not fat hahaha blah blah blah" i turn up the volume and try to ignore her words and her body odor.

+the girl at walgreens tonight - all the smartwaters were stuck in the back of the refrigerated section so i asked someone to help me get one. she gave me a look like i was retarded and said "there's some right there..." i know but they're stuck and i can't reach- "here" as she climbed onto the display and shoved her arm all the way to the back to grab one. right, like it would be appropriate for a customer to do that.

anyway... i booked the student film i auditioned for last night. interesting thing,: i'm definitely in it, probably as the character they brought me in for, but there's a possibility that they might have me be the main role instead. i'll find out tonight, we're having a bit of rehearsal soon.

i'm also going doing another student film thing with a friend of mine. he was the sound guy on the zombie musical student film i did at the beginning of this year. funny, he'll actually be the third person from that project to ask me to do another one. that makes me feel good.

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