Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Thursday, Everyone

I ended up getting a callback for the play in Weho. Once I received the sides though, I realized it just wasn't for me. It calls for more sexual situations than I've dealt with thus far on stage, and though I'm fine with a bit of nudity and sex when called for, I just don't think this situation was right for me.

It's so interesting though, walking out of two auditions that I only felt ok about, only to get cast in one and a callback for the other. When I auditioned for RENT I had myself in such a state of mind that I was thinking "if not now, then soon" so I went in, did my thing, and then went on with my day. I'm proud of myself for developing this ability not to cross my fingers over everything I do. I think it actually helps me to give a better performance in my auditions because I can just let it go when I'm done and not stress over it for days and days. Then it's a pleasant surprise if I find out they like me.

The student film I got - they ended up deciding to cast me as neither the part I auditioned for nor the title character. The director said that not all of the other girls they wanted to cast had as much versatility, so they cast me as a character named Genevieve. She's kind of the social leader of this group of girls training to be nuns. I want to read the book, Mariette In Ecstasy, that this scene was adapted from. It was a NY times best seller, and the story sounds really interesting.

Auditions for Putnam are coming up in a little over a week... I need to get ready. I hardly have anything in my book, and usually when I got to a musical audition I only bring one specific song, and possibly a back up. I 've heard stories of people going into an audition with one song in mind, and then the auditioner will take their book and pick a song for them. For one, I don't have enough music in my book to be interesting enough. Two, if I did have all my music from the past in it, I'd be in trouble. I wish I could play the piano better so I could practice all my old stuff. I know there are some good songs in the piles and piles of sheet music I have, I just haven't sung most of them in years.

-Phew, I just got an email back from the casting director of the aforementioned play. I let him know this morning that I was no longer interested, and he said no problem. Cool. I've never had to turn something down like that. Well, I did have to drop out of Big River to do RENT, but that was a different situation.-

Back to work now. Missing my RENT family, as always. Missing Evan too, he gets back from the east coast on Saturday evening. Now we've got to come up with costumes for Halloween...

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