Sunday, October 25, 2009

If Only Pennies Were Worth Something

I didn't want to blog today but I don't really have a choice. First weekend off of RENT has proved pretty good so far, up until today. I've been working and hanging out with the roommates. I even had some last minute hang out/glass of wine time with Sari and her roommate Erin last night, and then I came home to my neighbor Maryn walking out of the house in Blanch (a la Golden Girls) attire, only to find out there was a costume party at the coffee shop across the street (Fix). I threw on one of my old getups and enjoyed the free wine and treats.

I thought today would be fine too - work in the morning, audition for a play in the afternoon, audition for a film in the evening, and possibly The Smiths night at the venue down the street with Sari to end the night. I ended up having a few hours in between auditions to change wardrobe and catch up on Gossip Girl, and after the last audition was finished I came home to a nearly empty house. It can be a strange thing, considering I basically live with 7 other people (it's a duplex, we don't fit all those people into one house). I think I've facebooked and checked my email as many times as possible without anything new happening to start feeling pretty lonely. I don't even feel like watching bad TV right now, that's one of my vices, because I'd rather keep busy in some way.

I guess I can talk about the auditions. The first one, the one I wrote about last time, was in WeHo. That's one reservation I would have about doing this show, parking would suck and no one would want to come see it for that reason. Another reservation I had was, looking at the website and taking in the theatre while I was waiting, it seems like they do a lot of shows with naked men. Don't get me wrong, I think it's fine to have some nudity sometimes, not that I've ever personally done a show with nudity in it, but I think I'd be fine with it if it were well done and not just for show. But the amount of nudity that happens at this theatre was a bit shocking. I don't know, we'll see what happens. I felt that, though I stumbled over a few lines, I was content with the way I read.

The second audition was for a student film at USC. I've been to several auditions in this particular building, and sometimes the nerves of auditioning can come from just being in an unfamiliar locale, so it was nice to be somewhere I knew fairly well. This project is about a group of nuns-to-be, one in particular. I was brought in for the role of a kind of shy nun in training, but they had me read for several of the roles. I hadn't specifically prepared for them but i did read through everything they provided so I had an idea of where to go with the lines. I feel pretty ok about that one too.... I really just need things for my reel. At the moment I have 2 things in my possession that I could put onto a reel, but I need some more variety. I am waiting on 2 other projects I've done, but still... I need to do more. Reels are everything to some people in this industry.

What else, what else.... oh! After the first audition I went to Hollywood Blvd. to see if i could find any worthy Halloween costumes. It took me about 10 minutes of driving in circles to find a parking spot, and then I had to empty my wallet and the bottom of my purse just to have enough change for an hour. One quarter gave me 8 minutes, and nickles alternated between 1 and 2 minutes. That's criminal. *see title of this blog post* Unfortunately the costume I wanted (Silk Spectre II from The Watchmen) was all sold out. I looked at a couple other shops but as it goes on Hwood Blvd, everything is the sexy version of something. Sexy flight attendant. Sexy cowgirl. Sexy lumberjack. Whatever. Evan suggested that we go as Rachel Ray and Anthony Bourdain. I don't think anyone would get it, and I feel like going all-out something this year, but it's a novel idea and it just may happen.

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