Friday, October 23, 2009

Back On The Band Wagon

It's feeling better and better to be back. I'll still get those small pangs of "what now...?" every once in a while, but they're getting fewer and further in between. It also helps that I got an audition today. I got a voice mail from Raul Staggs, the man who did the casting for Ecstasy, The Musical. They're holding auditions this Sunday in West Hollywood. When I got a chance to call him back we chatted a little bit. It's really nice to feel that I'm building a rapport with some people in town. Hell, it feels great just to be remembered!

This play, as I understand, is not a musical, though the character I'm auditioning must sing well. The plot line is as follows "NAKED IN THE TROPICS is a world premiere comedy with music about a gay teenager who becomes addicted to drugs and the WeHo nightlife, and his divorced, lesbian mother's efforts to rescue him." I'm going in for the role of the gay teenager's pregnant girlfriend. This girl is sassy and sexy, and isn't phased by the fact that she's pregnant at 17 or that her boyfriend is showing gay tendencies. Her attitude sounds Mimi-esque, and though the past few things I've booked have been the overly sexy girl, I feel like it has always been a challenge for me to completely get to that place. Earlier in life I was always the ingenue and I feel like that's an easy role to slip into. I want to be able to play anything, and if I have to do the same kind of parts consecutively for a while, well if it helps me grow as an actor I'll take it.

There are also auditions coming up for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. I don't know much of the music but I do know that I would love to be in the show. I know I have the right vocal range for a few of the characters, and some of those characters would help take me in new directions as an actor too. I really need to take some steps to further myself.... first of all new headshots. I've gotten some taken over the years by various people, but haven't actually had any printed since the first ones I got done... back in, what, 2005? Maybe 2006, latest. Luckily I've got a few ideas of who I want to shoot with, I'm sure any of them will turn out some great shots. After that I need to work on getting an agent and/or manager. I suppose I could always contact my previous agent and let him know I'm back on the acting scene. We kind of just lost touch a while ago because I wasn't aggressive or serious about my career. I certainly am now, so I'm sure good things are in store for me.

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