Monday, November 2, 2009

McDonalds Monopoly, It's Time For You To End

I am now doing 3 student films. I went in last night to audition for a friend's project, another friend who worked on the bis student film I did early in the year. He just called me today to officially offer me the role. The three scrips I'm working with are all really good. The first one I got, the nun one, is shaping up to be so much more than it seemed in the beginning. During one of our first rehearsals we all talked a lot about intentions and character background. From what was summed up about my character, it seems as though in this scene she's almost like a mixture of Blaire and Chuck from Gossip Girl. All about being the queen bee, but smart about the way she shows her authority. I like it.

Also, it's great to be getting back to film acting. It's so much more subtle. It's a good exercise to go from theatre to film and back again (which I'll hopefully do soon). You can almost forget how real you can make something when you don't have to make sure a whole crowd of people get it. The camera is so much more intimate. I definitely learned a lot during RENT, and I like that I get to take everything from that experience and apply it in a different way using a different medium.

Not singing and dancing 4 times a week and running at least 3 times a week is starting to take a toll on me. I've only been to the gym two or three times since I've been back, plus the roommates and neighbors have been doing the McDonald's Monopoly thing and I've been helping. I've definitely had a few too many angus burgers and large fries... The worst part isn't the number on the scale but how I feel. Luckily that number hasn't crept up too much but without more activity and better good, I have less energy to do the things that are good for me. I'm much more inclined to sit myself on the couch, eat chips and watch bad television. And I already do that enough!

Halloween was good. I got invited to a few pre-halloween parties but didn't end up attending, probably from the McD's + audition/rehearsal lethargy. I picked Evan up from the ariport on Saturday. We threw on some plaid shirts, called ourselves cowpeople, and drove into Hollywood to meet up with my neighbors. Traffic was pretty terrible, but at least the house was on the outer edge of Hollywood. I can't imagine trying to drive into the heart of Hollywood any time after 3:00 pm on Halloween.

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