Monday, September 7, 2009


I did it. I arrived save and sound in Birmingham, Alabama. It's been a long day, I'll try to make as much sense as I can.

I got of the first plane in Phoenix and was on the next within a half an hour. A woman named Susan, a volunteer for Red Mountain Theatre Company, picked up myself, as well as the music director, Kevin. We took the short drive to the hotel and checked in... or tried to. At first the woman at the desk couldn't find me in the system so I called around trying to get someone to help me, but she soon realized that I had already been checked in when my "suite-mate" (i think i'll just call him a roommate from now on, easier that way) arrived.

When I got to the room I was greeted by Michael, my roommate. I could tell right away that we would get along. By the way, this hotel is pretty darn nice. we each have our own rooms and bathrooms. It even has a decent mini kitchen! Michael and I chated a bit, and then he decided to take a nap so I went over to the room of the other two boys from out of town, Casey and Ben. We decided there wasn't enough to do at the hotel so we drove around to find the theater and see what downtown is all about. And what is it all about? Umm.... I'll get back to you. Maybe it's just because it's labor day and everyone is spending time...uh... not outdoors? Like, at all. The streets were nearly empty. We did pass one man, and short man with a ponytail, who gave us a friendly "how ya doin". Casey, who's from Nashville, said that was to be expected from nearly everyone you pass on the sidewalk, and apparently it's kind of rude not to say hi back. This souther hospitalithy thing...I'll have to see if I can step out of LA mode and actually look people in the eye on the street. It's going to take some work, but I'll try.

We made a couple quick stops at the Super Wallmart for minimal groceries and Chik-Fil-A (is that how you spell it? My first experience there) for dinner. When I got back to my room I enjoyed my surprisingly delicious chicken sandwich and talked with Michael some more. Apparently RMTC left gift bags for all of us out-of-towners, containing the following:

-the local city paper (remind me of the LA weekly)
-pamphlets about wineries, attractions, events, etc.
-m&m's, other snacky things
-mini first aid kit and hand sanitizer
-RMTC printed hand towel
-RMTC printed chocolate
-RMTC printed playing cards
-RMTC printed notepad and pencil

A pretty sweet deal I think. So far things are going well. Flown out here and staying in a hotel on the theater's dime, I can more than stand at least a few cast mates so far, and even a goodie bag.

Tomorrow will be out first rehearsal day. I will actually be the first to rehearse, at 1:00. The whole cast doesn't even meet until I believe 6:00 when we have our meet and greet. These are going to be long days, but fun days I'm sure. I'll try to figure out a way to put some pictures up on this computer (the hotel's computer). Until tomorrow....



  1. I am glad you found a subletter!!!

    Hope you are having a great time.

    P.S. Read this:

    As you can see, Chick Fil-A makes significant financial contributions to some pretty nasty political groups. It would seem that anyone who shares the values of Rent should NOT spend money there! I don't! =)

  2. wow, thanks for the info alexander!