Saturday, September 5, 2009


I wanted to choose "slaw blog" as the title for this blog, but somebody else already had it! "Slaw Dog's Slaw Blawg" or something like that. Could you imagine a blog entirely written about slaw? "Say, chef, you've got the best slaw in town! Better than the old slaw dog straw stand! I tell ya, I've tasted every slaw from here to Straw [Montana], and this is the best around!" Think about it long and hard. You know you'd be the first to tell your friends about the slaw blog. Way better than a law blog or anything like that, a slaw blog would bring in both fans of humor and fans of food-related websites. It's by no means a niche market; slaw blog has a built-in audience of millions just waiting to be exploited!

Hi kids, I'm Evan. You might remember me from such blogs as Swan Fungus and Return Of Swan Fungus (The AIDS Years). I own a successful blog over on Wordpress Way. Nicci here just signed up for an account on Blogger Blvd. so she can blog all about her upcoming trip to Alabama. She'll be spending the next six weeks in that hotbed of modern culture, Birmingham, Alabama. She's going to be starring in a fancy play about sex, drugs, and sexually transmitted diseases. Surely crowds in Alabama will swarm to the theater to learn more about homosexuality and early '90s bohemian New York City. They love that kind of shit in Alabama. Can't get enough of it!

I'm really proud of Nicci for starting her own blog, even if it's not about slaw. I'm going to be checking in every day to see what she has to say, and encouraging her to stay inside at night and focus on her writing instead of going out and partying and having fun. She's got great blogger potential, and I want to see her realize that potential. In Alabama.

As you can probably tell by my tone, I'm not too excited about her leaving me for six weeks. Somehow I think it would be easier for me to cope if she was driving around the country reviewing slaw than being made up to be the gorgeous lead girl in a fantastic theatrical production. You know how it is. Jealous boyfriend stuff. Oh well, at least it's Alabama and not New York.

Have fun Nicci! Blog early and blog often! You're going to be really good at this.


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