Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I woke myself up early against my own will just for free breakfast.

I didn't end up being able to blog last night because rehearsal went till 10, and me and the boys (plus Mikey Sue eventually) came back to the hotel to decompress a little over some wine.

We did a lot of talking about the cast and the rehearsal space. The space - first of all, it's really cold! That will be to our advantage when we're dancing though. At least for those of us who will dance. It is a very intimate environment when you think about the show we're putting on. It's a relatively low stage without wings that comes out into the audience area. All the seating is set up as tables with chairs around them. I have a feeling, and I'm also hoping, that we'll actually be going out into the audience during the show. It's the Perfect setting for that.

The first rehearsal went well. Kevin really wants us to make the show our own, as opposed to emulating what any other cast has done. I think everyone involved is not only pushing for a great showpiece, but also for the themes to come through. Poor Casey's lymph nodes are acting up so his voice isn't at full strength right now, but even so I think our voices are going to sound great together. We took him to the doctor right after rehearsal and picked him up right before we had to be back. He waited 3 hours to be seen. I guess walk in clinics are the same everywhere!

The first full rehearsal with everyone went well too! We've got a pretty strong cast. There are definitely a few characters mixed in, but it's going to be a fun ride I'm sure. On our first break, it seemed like everyone knew eachother already. Oh, the wonders of facebook! Apparently they're going to try and replicate the original costumes totally, which means I'll get those famous bright blue pants and whatever the hell mimi wears around her torso. It's always looked like a lanyard to me, anyone else? Ben, who's playing Angel, says I have to teach him to walk in heels. And if they really are going to get shoes like the original ones, I think he's going to need a lot of practice. I don't even think I could walk in those things!

Think I'll go for a swim now. There's a guy working on the treadmill, and that space is small enough anyway, I guess I'll just let him do his thing. Rehearsal at 2, then at 6, and perhaps some bonding with everyone afterword.


  1. have you eaten anywhere yet? i was watching tv with landon, tyson and nate last night -- apparently in the 2nd harold and kumar movie (who knew they even made a 2nd one!) they wind up in birmingham for a scene or two. we all thought of you. i thought of you most, of course.


  2. tyson? huh. you were hanging out with tyson.

    tell landon i say hi!! and also, find out if and where they ate anything in the movie!