Thursday, May 6, 2010

On Saturday I was, again, feeling better about this whole turning-down-the-job situation. I was about to head to the gym when I got a voicemail (not a call, because my service sicks at my house) from someone asking if I was available to come in for an Xbox audition later that very day. I called back to get the info, changed and out together a headshot and resume. Luckily I had one more resume left, yes just one. I also had to run to the store to get more staples, but I arrived totally prepared. Well as prepared as one can be when getting the call mere hours before the audition, and not seeing the sides until I got there.

It was simple enough. Just one short page of dialogue with two other people, pretending we were doing a video blog about movies. There was a little bit of improv allowed with the lines, so i took advantage of that. We went through it three times and that was that. The casting director/producer/whoever it was behind the camera was laughing a lot and I left feeling very happy. The callbacks were held this Tuesday and Wednesday, and though I didn't get called back I still felt really great about what I did. It was a nice change to do a non-theatre audition for the first time in a while. I sent out my stuff to the agent I mentioned last time, and I was told to give her a call in a few days to follow up. Hopefully something good will come from this so I can audition more.

I found out that the girl they chose to play the role I was offered was someone I knew from school, and I even saw her at the audition. It's good to know that as much flack as it gets from some students, AMDA still cranks out some talented people that work work work. I'm excited to hear from her how it all goes.

Rehearsals for Godspell have been going well. The nature of the show combined with the personalities of the cast has caused a lot of giggle fits, and the process it just fun. It is a challenge to take a show that is structured in such a presentational way and try to bring it down to real life. We did a bunch of choreography yesterday. Hector is our choreographer, who now is a dance teacher at AMDA. He wasn't there when I was going to school, but I can already tell he knows his way around dancing. A friend of mine is in a production of A Chorus Line that he's choreographing, which seems a little more suited to his style. But his skills combined with David's ideas for the show seem to be coming together nicely so far.

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